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GC Infissi

SCK Group | Direction Future X GC INFISSI produce three innovative collections of PVC windows exclusively for the Italian market . 

Linea Therma

Therma line

The window with high energy performance.

It is the collection that protects: light inside, cold and noise outside, while ensuring brightness, comfort and design for buildings.

Linea therma

It is based on 6-chamber technology and 84 mm frame depth characterized by excellent thermal performance, Uw up to 0.79 W / m2K, and excellent acoustic performance.

Thanks to its reduced thickness of the door, it offers greater brightness to all environments. It is also able to meet the needs of thermal and acoustic comfort even for the most rigid climatic zones.

Linea Okulta

Okulta line

The window with an essential style to leave more space for light, ensuring maximum brightness and reduction of waste.

Linea okulta

It is the minimalist solution with a visible section of only 90 mm and the possibility of a reduced central node of the same size. This 84 mm deep system with 6-chamber profiles combines its elegant design with an excellent thermal efficiency Uw up to 0.71 W / m2K.

Lhe collection offers excellent performance together with a design of absolute elegance, thanks to its minimal lines which, by framing the glass, transform it into a window of absolute prestige, illuminating the rooms.Sober and essential, to adapt to your every style need.

Linea Astra

Astra line

The window inspired by the stars: great energy and timeless design conjugated maximum comfort.

Linea astra

Ideal for buildings with low energy consumption, ensuring the installation of a window with a timeless design without sacrificing maximum comfort. Astra is characterized by a hinged system with 70 mm depth of the frame. System realized by a technology with 5 internal chambers in the frame and in the door that allow a great energy efficiency with a Uw transmittance value up to 0.9 W / m2K.

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