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Our Background

The shutters play a role of primary importance as they allow you to regulate the amount of light in the rooms while protecting them
from any external climatic condition and protecting the privacy of your home.

In addition to playing the main role of blackout systems, they are also elements of great aesthetic value that give movement and prestige to the facade of a building. Domal Sunny aluminum shutters

they can be integrated, both in terms of shape and style,
in any architectural requirement: new constructions, renovations and conservative restorations, even in cases where very strict and restrictive regulations exist.


Soft pastel shades or bright metallic effects. Smooth and shiny lacquered or rough and natural matt. Wood effects capable of replicating the grain and texture of the finest woods. The flagship is the two-tone option that allows you to choose two different finishes for interior and exterior.

The quality of our production processes is certified: all materials are subjected to an accurate production and laboratory control, in compliance with the Qualicoat, Qualideco and Seaside specifications established by Qualital.

Domal shutters are particularly appreciated
since maintenance
it is practical and fast and just a few tricks are enough to keep them in perfect condition:  the color remains unaltered_cc781905-5cde-3194-bbc3bbaddegli

e the structure is almost eternal as it is made of aluminum.

Any Domal shutter matches perfectly, on an aesthetic level
and technical, to all Domal systems for windows and French windows.

Italy is the country of a thousand bell towers and a thousand styles
of shutters: Domal matches all tastes
with regional regulations. The range of Domal shutters offers a great variety of shapes, in tune with personal preferences and in accordance with the reference context: from "XXMiglia", to "Veneta", from "Storica" or "Genovese", to "Fiorentina" ”, Passing through the classic“ Scuroni ”. The countless combinations of shapes, colors, slats and panels allow to fully satisfy personal preferences and design needs.

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