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From Domal, a door wide open to tomorrow.

From Domal, a door wide open to tomorrow.

Every entry that Domal makes on the market is destined to change the scene. Here is an innovative product to meet the needs of those who are attentive to new technologies also in terms of home locking systems. Entering or leaving the house today takes on a different meaning. What for many represents a simple daily action with Domal becomes a gesture ennobled by a real piece of furniture without sacrificing safety performance, durability and energy saving.

Wide range of exclusive models and selection of finishes to match the interior and exterior of the door to any architectural style add maximum freedom to the style.
The design is minimal and elegant, thanks to a construction technique that allows the door profile to be integrated into the door panel and to the system solutions that make it possible to obtain a concealed frame with recess in the wall. Domal guarantees product excellence both with the quality of the aluminum and with a careful selection of technical components such as hardware, hinges and accessories.

The possibility of choosing an entrance door with RC2 and RC3 certifications (optional) also responds to the requests of consumers who are even more attentive to the issue of safety.
The more modern and essential Aliante line and the Alchimia line for a more classic taste.

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