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Innovative and elegant glass closing and cover systems, with minimal visual impact

Vetrata Weese

Adaptable to any type of terrace or balcony: linear, curved or corner.

They can be installed on a parapet or from the floor.

Vetrata Weese

They are the ideal solution to take advantage of outdoor spaces even on dull days and throughout the year

Vetrate Weese per Veranda



Stained glass windows made with transparent crystals and without the use of vertical joints

Vetrata Weese

UNI EN and ISO 9001: 2008 certified products for resistance to wear, atmospheric agents and wind gusts up to 159 km / h.

In addition, they protect against smog, fine dust and noise with noise abatement ranging from 10 to 15 decibels.

Vetrata Weese

The capturing greenhouses with adjustable blades  are synonymous with energy saving.

They modulate the amount of light, shading in the summer and letting it pass in the winter, allowing the achievement and maintenance of the optimal temperature.

Serre Bioclimatiche Weese

Aluminum, wood and pvc windows and doors

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